Sati Mata Samat Dada ji

Peoples from all India worship SHRI SATI MATA JI & SAMAT DADA JI. A big Mela is celebrated in the memory of SHRI SATI MATA JI & SAMAT DADA JI on every Magh Shudhha Poornima (once in a year). Specially People belonging to Chauhan clan (palthya,Korra,..) worship Samat Dada ji and Sati Mata ji. 

There is a temple at Vadangali village, Tehsil Sinnar of Nashik district of Maharashtra State, India. It is their place of worship. It is a Legend that the son of a Samat named Dhanawat denounced the worldly life and became a sage. His disciple named Sati Mata ji (Bhaga) was pure vegetarian lady from Brahmin community. 

The Sati Mata ji is first worshipped in the morning. Some sweet items (Lapashi or Rice without salt) are offered to Sati Mata Ji. It is said that she was unmarried. Her flag is white in color. After her worship is over the Samat Dada is offered the Bali of GOAT (Bakra Bali). The wife‟s name of Samat Dada ji was Dasma Mata ji (from our Banjara community), On the day of Magh Shudhha Poornima Samat Dada ji, converted himself in Stone with his favorite Dog, and Dhadi (a Dhadi is working and helping to Banjara communities Head Person), Kaala and Baala two assistants of Samat Dada ji . Suddenly after Samat Dada ji and 4 others converted as Stone, Sati Mata ji throw himself in Fire . 

The girls of Dhanavat-Palathya (Chavan clan) are not given share of this offering. If any girl eats the offering by mistake it is believed that the Samat Dada ji follows her after her marriage. The color of the Samat Dadaji‟s flag is Red. A red flag is shown in front the house where Samat Dada ji is worshipped. Khechdi Tree (Shami /Saundad in Marathi Language) is very old and Holy tree in the Temple of Sati Mata ji.