Late Shri Ranjit Naik

Ranjit Naik, a great personality, a prominent and a rare gift for the community. To uplift the tribal community, to make a meaningful life of Banjaras (Goaars), a struggling continuous force is Mr. Ranjit Naik. Our community may be very, very backward, downtrodden and economically weak, but there is no scarcity for good culture, intelligence, unity, good health, good ideas and self respect. This community has spent the whole life, looking at the colourful glorified life of the world from far thinking that the world is not at all a part of their life. 

There is no differentiation between men or women to earn their livelihood by sweating with whole heart. It may be a mild or a hard work irrespective of it they get ready for any type of work. The most innocent, most neglected and illitrate community was introduced by Mr. Ranjit Naik in a better way to all the corners of the state and also to the parts of the world.

The following are the major publications brought out by Shri Ranjit Naik: 

(i) All India Banjara Sevak Shibir Report - 1966. 
(ii) All India Banjara Study Team Report - 1969. 
(iii) „BANJARA‟ Fortnightly in Telugu language between 1972 and 1975. 
(iv) ROMA - BANJARA, (Hindi and English) Bilingual Fortnightly between 1982 and 1986 from Bombay. 
(v) He guided The Census Department, Govt. of India, in bringing out an authentic and beautiful brochure, titled „BANJARA EMBROIDERY‟ - in 1981. 
(vi) He helped scores of scholars and researchers, National as well as International levels, in their research works for doctorate, on Banjaras.