Lakhi shah Banjara(Vadatiya)

Baba lakhi Shah is a respectable name in Sikh History. On Sixth Maghar Sudi 1732 Bikrami Samvat, when Guru Teg Bahadur, the ninth Guru of Sikhs was martyred in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, the body of Guru Ji kept lying there in the square all the day. Terrorised by Subedar of Delhi anybody dared to cremate the body of Guru Ji. 

Bhai Jaita and Bhai Gurbaksh along with other sikhs saw all this. At night these sikhs gathered at the house of Nanu Chhimba. There was a long discussion on hour to bring the body of Guru Ji. Nanu Rai Chhimba said "Let us ask Lakhi Das Naik. His tanda had just returned from Narnual. 

Then all the sikhs went to the dera of Lakhi Shah situated on the banks of Yamuna. They narrated the incident of Guru Ji's martyrdom and three sikhs - Bhai Dayal Dass, Bhai Mati Dass and Bhai Sati Dass. Lakhi Shah Vartia said that he didn't know about the death of Guru Ji, he had just returned from Narnaul. He droped his head in grief and said that he ready for whatever the service they want. After a brief discussion, four sikhs Bhai Nanu Rai, Bhai Agya, Bhai Jaita and Bhai Uday went to Chandni Chowk in tanda and brought the head of Guru Ji to the house of Bhai Jaita in Dilwali Mohalla. On the other hand Lakhi Shah Vartia with the help of his sons Nayak Hema, Hari and another person Nayak Dhuma Bijlot, put the body of Guru Ji in a bullock cart and sliped away. The tanda came afterwards. 

Lakhi Shah Vartia took the body of Guru Ji to his native village, Raisina. He layed the body of Guru Ji in the house and torched the house. Thus Lakhi Shah Vartia Ji showing his imense denotion towards Guru Ji. added another chapter in Sikh History. 

This story about Baba Lakhi Shah Vanjar is quite popular in Sikh history, but not much light has been thrown on his personal life.