Categorization of Banjara according to the Constitution


Roma / Gypsies staying all over the world and more thickly populated in European countries, who are members of nomadic group and are originated from Indian Sub-continent. Many Gypsiologist, historians, many scholars and Roma / Gypsy themselves believe that they are counter part of India’s nomadic group Banjara and other its sub-groups. These Gypsies have fled the Indian sub-continent, during the raid of Gajani Mohammed and Gori Mohammed in North West part of India. Recently since 1976, Indian Banjaras have come in contact with gypsy leaders and scholars of the world. Particularly All India Banjara Seva Sangh (AIBSS) has developed fraternal relations with Roma / Gypsies and hence “Roma-Banjara Cultural Centre” has been established at Udaipur, Rajasthan, by one Roma / Gypsy leader Ms. Anisha Vranckx. We have given here a small introduction about Roma / Gypsies and their relations with Banjara / Lamans of India. However the origins, history, culture and language of Roma / Gypsies is a vast and deep subject and therefore it requires to be dealt separately on this matter.