Lambadi dance

Andhra Pradesh occupies an eminent place in the classical dance forms of India. Apart from the classical dances, it is also known for its tribal dances. Some of the popular tribal folk dances of Andhra Pradesh are Bathakamma, Gobbi, Mathuri, Dhamal, Dandaria, Dappu, Vadhyam etc. Lambadi dance is a tribal dance of Andhra Pradesh.

Lambadi is related to the Lambadi tribe, who lead a semi-nomadic life in Andhra Pradesh. The Lambadi tribe lives all over the state. They are popularly known as Banjaras or Sugalis. The dancers perform this dance to rejoice an abundant harvest or a good sowing season. They dress themselves in brass anklets, bangles, embellished jewelry and glass beads. The day to day tasks of a farmer, like reaping, harvesting, planting, sowing etc. are represented in the Lambadi Dance. During the festivals like Dussehra, Deepavali and Holi these tribal people move from one house to another dancing and receiving alms.

The Lambadi dancers dress up in gaudy dresses by wearing long colorful skirts decorated with mirrors and white broad bone bracelets covering their arms. An interesting fact about the dance form is that it is monopolized by women. It is permeated with fervent grace and lyricism. The subtle sensuality of the dancers make it more appealing. The rhythm and the coordination among the dancers is worth mentioning.